Once Upon A Time Caps

Gallery Updates

The gallery has been updated with the following:

True Blood Captures

I’ve added captures from the first two episodes from season five and six into the gallery.

Bones Captures

Captures of Kristin appearing in Bones are now in the gallery.

Bones Season Three (2007) > 3×07 Boy in the Time Capsule


Images Kristin modeling for NoH8 and for Thinking for Animals United have been added to the gallery:

Dark Angel Caps

Screen captures of Kristin’s appearance in the pilot episode of Dark Angel are now in the gallery. More updates are on the way. Stay tuned.

Dark Angel Season One (2000) > 1×01 Pilot

Gallery Updates

The gallery has been updated with the following images:

OUAT Captures

I’ve added screen captures from season 4 episode 12 featuring Kristin to the gallery. More screen captures from the show will be added soon.

Once Upon A Time (2011-2015) > Season Four (2014-2015) > Screen Captures > 4×12 Heroes and Villains

Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with the following images.


Hey everyone, I’ve added new images of Kristin to our gallery.